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In this section you will find a great variety of stuffed animals, dolls and dolls of all sizes, which (mostly) are customizable to be totally to your liking.

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  • The family grows with an adorable Felt Yeti! Know your story here Used materials: Polyester felt. Color White. Buy Felt Synthetic filler. Buy wadding We used the Yeti tutorial shared by TutsPlus. See pattern

  • How we wanted to knit Dumbo! Know your story here Used materials: Cotton Ninfa. Colors: 2, 12, 19, 24 and 32. Buy Ninfa 3mm crochet hook. Buy Crochet Needle Synthetic filler. Buy wadding  Polyester felt. Color White. Buy Felt We used the Dumbo pattern shared by Amigurumies. See pattern

  • Lovely pineapple amigurumi, a result of participating on September CAL of Cloechet & Darisbleu. Used Materials: Cotton yarn Ninfa colors 19, 22 and 2. View cotton Ninfa Polyester felt colors candy, pink and plum. View polyester felt Black safety eyes 14mm. Ver ojos negros Black lashes de 9mm. View lashes Filling wadding. View Filling  KNOW YOUR STORY...

  • Para realizar este simpatiquísimo amigurumi hemos seguido el patrón gratuito de Cuddle Doll de Zhaya Desings. Ver patrón en inglés Ver patrón en alemán Materiales utilizados: Algodón Ninfa. Ver Ninfa Algodón Katia Candy. Ver Katia Candy Katia panama. Ver Katia Panama Relleno. Ver guata

  • We are big fans of animated films. So when we propose to weave a amigurumi related to an animated character, we draw a smile from ear to ear. This has happened with this sweet and adorable dragon (provided they do not pull the teeth) of the animated film "How to Train Your Dragon" Below is the link to the pattern and the materials that we used

  • ¿A quién no le gustan los Minions? Esos pequeños, traviesos y divertidos seres amarillos que tanto nos hacen reír con sus trastadas. No podía ser de otra forma, ¡Teníamos que tener un Minion en nuestra oficina! Y nuestro elegido ha sido Stuart!! ¿Quieres tejerte uno igual? En la descripción completa que hay más abajo, te decimos el patrón que hemos...

  • We present Nelly, an adorable little elephant that makes you smile just by looking !! This cute amigurumi now decorates our office and greets us with a smile every time we look at him. And it is that Nelly positive energy and happiness overflows !! The materials used can find them in the shop (below you count that have used materials)

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items