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28110 Algete (Madrid)

Teléfono de contacto: (+34) 685823358

Email de contacto: info@puntosdefantasia.es

Horario de atención al cliente de lunes a viernes de 10:30 a 13:00 horas (Hora española).

Who's behind ?

It all started with Monica enthusiast world of crafts and wool addict, one day he discovered the existence of tissue crochet dolls called amigurumi. As was entering the world of amigurumis, discovered attractive fittings and accessories for these dolls but they were difficult to acquire (either by price, number of units, delivery time or because they simply not found yourself)

It was at this time that the online store know today was born and where you can find a variety of materials and tools related to the world of amigurumis.

Now the team Puntos de Fantasía consists of two people: Monica, Daniel and Ciara.

And together with you, we may keep growing Puntos de Fantasía every day.



Speaking of  Puntos de Fantasía

The Crea y Diseña Magazine  Puntos de Fantasía

The Crea y Diseña Magazine has published in its special edition Valentine 2014, a report on Puntos de Fantasía along with a tutorial that was designed especially for this occasion. It is the first time Puntos de Fantasía appears in a media, so you can imagine the excitement and joy of the moment.

A review of nearly a hundred pages in full color, full of stories about artisans and a variety of tutorials with very different techniques.

You can download for free this and other digital editions of this wonderful magazine in Crea y Diseña "Zinio"


Lira in Wonderland interview Puntos de Fantasía

Puntos de Fantasía again is news !!

This time has been the team Lira in Wonderland speaking to you of Puntos de Fantasía in his blog.

Lira in Wonderland is an online retailer of modern and original creative materials whose motto is "Believe + Decorate + Customize your things." And in his blog you can find many DIY tutorials, ideas, trends, inspiration and interviews related to the "World Handmade" artists. And fills me with satisfaction and joy to be part of that group of artists.

You can read here the interview I did in April 2014 and so know a little better.


Con un Trozo de Tela we recommend

In October 2014, the blog "With a piece of cloth" published the list of 15 blogs that are part of their daily lives. A full of precious and blogs dedicated to the seam point list, including part Puntos de Fantasía:

"If you like the amigurimis this is your blog and now also has online store where you can buy material."

From here, many thanks to a piece of fabric to follow our blog and include us in your favorites list.

You can read the full article here.


Duende Gumi talks about us and the Christmas lottery

In November 2014, Duende Gumi speaks in his blog about our shop and Christmas basket raffle Amigurumista that the December 22, 2014.

"A store that you do not know if you should still take a look, because it has a lot of material to the vice of gumis and very good price"

If you take a look at your blog, you are going to discover some beautiful amigurumis to make clear the great talent you have with amigurumis.

You can read the full article here.

Happy Ganchillo takes a Review of one of our products

The March 1, 2015, Happy Ganchillo publishes a review on their blog with the title: "Review Katia Panama ¿exceed exam?"

"Very approved! I enjoyed this cotton that has nothing to envy to Natura DMC and also has a great price. If you are starting in this crochet and want to decide for some good, nice and cheap cotton, this is your option. "

If you did not know yet Happy Ganchillo very much recommend you visit his blog and discover the wonderful tutorials and free patterns that regularly shares. Thank you for such a wonderful review!

You can read the full article here.

Happy Ganchillo advised us in his radio show "Ganchillo en las Ondas"

The April 30, 2015, at the radio station Onda Mujer, Sara presents its third program of "Crochet in the Waves". It answers some of the questions that listeners make it through social networks. This time, they asked for advice on good, nice and cheap online stores. This was the response of Sara:

"Oh it is that I have a favorite shop called Puntos de Fantasía, which have given me a lot yesterday, I am writing to see if then. Ay few gifts Puntos de Fantasía and is a very cool store, which the girl is super pestle, sending does not take anything. And it has loads of wool, colors ... They have loads of manual winder, who have given me for my birthday and many many things. So, really, I recommend Puntos de Fantasía."

You have available on the blog Happy Ganchillo all radio programs you have made so far and are super interesting for our scene. Find interviews tejeriles updates, news and more ...

You can read the full article and hear the waves Crochet program here.


Happy Ganchillo takes a Review of our cotton Ninfa

The September 15, 2015, Happy Crochet published a video on its YouTube channel in which she talks about her experience with our cotton Ninfa.

"I like both because it has a great thickness amigurumis knitting, woven super good, is super soft and also has a wonderful price"

You can see the full video here.


Hama Style & Amigurumis selected us as one of your favorite stores

The September 18, 2015, Marta publishes on his blog a list of their three favorite stores online materials, among which we find ourselves.

"Points of fantasy has its own brand of chubby cotton (for needle of 3.5 - 4 mm), called NINFA, and I can assure you is pure love Very soft, easy to knit, and with beautiful colors can see them by clicking.. here. It also has amigurumis wigs, eyelashes and eyes Starburst precious Iris security. "

If you did not know yet Hama Style & Amigurumis, I recommend going through the web. Amigurumis discover beautiful and super cool patterns in Spanish.

You can read the full article here.


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